• Srabanti Chakrabarty

Anup's Journey

Chapter I

A little over a week into my internship at Researchime has left me with a feeling of ambivalence about my experience here.  While getting acquainted with the work going on in one of the best companies in the world has been an enriching experience. Ever heard of dreams coming true? Well, it was one such for me. I applied for an internship at Researchime through Internshala which was offering a work profile of Electronics Engineering Intern. I got shortlisted and got a call from Dr. Shashaanka Ashili (that still gives me goosebumps) paved my path into the company. The interview went smoothly then I had described the project in which I have worked on also I asked about the company. A day later, the phone rang with an unusually melodious ringtone then Dr. Shashaanka told me you are selected.

Then the journey started, Dr. Shashaanka explain to me about the project in which I will be working, He explains to me the entire things Steps by Steps. The project is research-focused and involves lots of electronics which I love the most. My current work is focused on working with Ultrasonic sensors and detecting the x,y co-ordinate of a plane. The work involves ideation as well as implementation. Ideating with my mentor Dr. Shashaanka and Yathinder, I am taking ideas from recent papers and visualizing implementing them. Last week I had a call with Yathinder as he has joined before me so he had a very good understanding on the project so far, we had a very fruitful conversation he explains me the trial and error he did with a sensor which helped me a lot to decide which sensor and Microcontroller to buy. I have ordered some of the components online after getting approval, the overall project work has been a bit of a letdown due to courier logistic issue. I am very much excited to get those sensors and Microcontroller so that I can start my project.

Srabanti helped me to get access to google drive and meeting, I also got to know about other activities going on at researchime. The team is amazing.

The overall experience here has been satisfying and I think I have made some good learning here. I was happy that we were able to work with the team for over the week and the work has been interesting thus far. With only 2 weeks at Researchime, I am lucky that I made significant progress, I expect the coming days to be much more chill and end it with a good presentation.

Anup Sharma

Lead - Hardware Engineer

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