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Chapter II of Aviraj's journey

The UI/UX dilema

I have been working here at the Researchime, for more than a month now. The time and effort I invested in the project, that I currently have my hands on now, never went in vain or never have I felt incognizant during the same. Only because of the efforts, knowledge, and guidance provided by my supervisors for the project. Recently for my current project regarding the BLE Devices as mentioned in the previous blog, we displayed the required fields and completed phase 1 of the project. For phase 2, I experienced a major up-gradation in my knowledge of android applications. The UI/UX implementation and improvisation.

UI/UX is a very common analogy used verbally among experienced software programmers and developers, which is very simple to understand. It is never even pondered upon while developing an app. UI stands for User Interface which means, the design or interface that brings about the look and feel in the application and the presentation and interactivity of the product. It plays a very important part in a successful application recognition. For a user, the feel, the looks, the interactivity are the aspects of a product that brings about positive actions in their limbic system of our brains. And then secondly comes the UX which stands for the User Experience, which means the simplicity in understanding the terminologies and key points of the product or application. It is all about the experience that the user goes through in accomplishing their desired tasks through the application, etc. It can be, simply-put language to communicate with the users from a basic English language user or to a very proficient user.

In my experience during this project, for the application, I too faced the UI/UX dilemma as I encountered this for the very first time. Through the phase 1 of the application, we were successfully able to display the Mac ID, Name, Latitude and Longitudinal Values and the time stamp of the detected devices. But as we approached phase 2 it was clearly evident that the app was not at all “user-friendly”. Why? Firstly, because a “Mac-ID” named term would not be easily understood by all, also the addition of the “Latitude and Longitude” input specifications was very uninteresting for the user. And hence not “user-friendly”, which meant we needed to get our hands dirty in the UX implementation part of the project. Through which a simpler name was used instead for the “Mac-ID” terminology as “Device Name” and the “Latitude and Longitude” section was linked to maps that made it completely user friendly and gripping. Secondly, the list of the names of the devices was HUGE because of which the UI implementation part was brought in, we reduced the size of list by categorizing it based on devices detected by a particular application, which in turn made it simpler for the user to search for the devices rather than going through a long list.

These things, no-one can get knowledge about unless inculcated by someone and then brought into practice, as for experience. And this was solely possible for me because of the organization and my team, and supervisor’s guidance and ideas.

UI/UX plays an important role in our application it is where all the development begins. And a efficient UI/UX is only achieve through testing. And the key is simple every developer should see himself as a User while testing the app and consider all the aspects which a user would expect from the application.

Aviraj Singh

Lead- Software Development


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