• Srabanti Chakrabarty

Chapter II of Srabanti's Journey

The last one month at Researchime has been a great learning experience. I spent my time working on our email campaigns, newsletters, expanding our contacts, ads for our webinar, et cetera. Working on these I have come to learn various skills. Many of these are not strictly restricted to digital marketing, these would help me with both my professional and personal lives.

The most important thing that I learned was to become more organized. Most of my life I have been a complete mess when it came to arranging and organizing anything. Now I have started to take more responsibilities. From handling the content of our website to creating and managing our email campaigns. This has helped me to get more organized.

I always considered myself to be an introvert. Talking to new people has always been a tedious task. Almost to the extent that I preferred to stay alone than to talk to strangers. Working here interacting with the team, managing tasks, talking to people who connect through LinkedIn and other sites has made me push my anxieties aside and has made me confident about myself. This was something that I always wanted to work on.

In the last few weeks, we sent our first newsletter. Now I am working on creating the second one that would be sent this coming week.

Another thing that I worked on last week was creating ads for our webinar. We are planning to host a webinar on building your own start-up to help students in India. For creating these ads I used Canva. Here, my skills as an artist came into help. I needed to create graphics and punch lines that would be catchy yet looked professional. My colleagues helped me with their ideas and suggestions for this.

In all, I came to learn a lot of things, still learning a lot more. I hope to see what the coming days bring us.

Srabanti Chakrabarty

Lead - Marketing


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