• Srabanti Chakrabarty

Fourth Part of Aviraj's journey

It has been quite a time that I have been working for Researchime but truly not even in my most creative of imaginations and dreams had I ever thought that I would be an individual who would have accomplished and learned so much in such a short span of time.

As I write this blog, we are at the final phase of our app and in a week the application will be out with our first customers. Even though the app launches in a week, we wouldn't want to leave a stone unturned as for the testings for the app. As for all the developers out there, the common key to a good app is the final testings that make the application perfect. So currently we are continuing without beta testing till the app is out in the market.

Before coming in line with the testing phase of our application, we came across some pre-final phase problems and solutions. Problems such as the scan function not working without a power supply to the device were tackled by disabling the battery optimization. Then another problem which was quite a brain feeder was when the data wasn't visible in the admin application. After a bit of research in the app, we then came to the conclusion that there was a delay in data retrieval which was caused due to an increased number of beacons. Moreover, a minor setback was the part in which the current time zone was being set to UTC. For which the team added a function to the cloud that converts the local time to IST and vice versa before uploading or retrieving the data.

After successfully overcoming all the possible pre-final phase drawbacks we are now just a week away from the app's release and it being my first involvement in a large scale application. The journey till this stage has been thrilling, mind-boggling, challenging yet exciting throughout. Couldn't thank my mentor, Shashanka, and the team enough for this beautiful opportunity and also a few days back had a Q&A session in which I pondered upon the actual facts and why I find my time at Researchime so valuable.

To sum it up, I am in a mixed feeling point in life where even though am eagerly waiting for the launch of the application with excitement that marks my first-time involvement in the development and a tick on my milestone chart to success, I really hope all turns out to be well! Kudos to the team!

Aviraj Singh

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