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Hari's start of the journey at researchime

These are testing times for every graduate who passed out from a course, personally, for me, it was lot more testing as there were few hiccups at the start of my journey into ‘Researchime’, nonetheless it was a great start I must say, though the domain is pretty much new to me but the curiosity to dive in and explore has kept me motivated throughout.

So here comes the interesting segment of my journey i.e., working on some real-time health and fitness data. I was given the opportunity of analyzing to bring out some useful insights from the data that I have scrapped from the API’s of the fitness wearables, this part of retrieving the data from the API’s was pretty new to me(but not anymore) and I have already taken it as a learning, then I had my skills of data analysis put into work to do some data manipulation and data integration using python, NumPy, and pandas, and the rest of the work is to get some insights and for a data scientist, this is the most complicated and yet very interesting job, because as a data scientist we are giving some meaning to the data that has been lying out there and also constantly thinking about carving a beautiful visualization which can convey more insights and perspectives than mere words. For this, I have made use of my Data Visualization skills using Seaborn, matplotlib, and Tableau and I was able to generate few insights from the data regarding the correlation between the parameters and plotting some line graphs for univariate analysis and also scatter plot to see the clusters and dependency in the relationship between the parameters. I must say it is going well and looking forward to bring out many more insights to make this data more purposeful.

Having said all this, I must mention my guide and the one who gave me this opportunity ‘Mr. Shaashanka Ashili’ for entrusting me and also for guiding me to see the vision of my work, because anyone needs to have that sense of keeping the vision in the mind and working towards it, I am thankful for that and will be keeping you all updated as I move forward in this beautiful journey.

Hari Krishna Sainath Daggupati

Lead- Data Engineer

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