• Srabanti Chakrabarty

Second Part of Anup's Journey

After doing lots of sensor characteristic evaluation last month it was the time for me to complete my part of the project, I was still confused with some of the parameters I told Dr. Shashaanka regarding those then he scheduled a meeting with me immediately. Then he explains me everything from scratch by drawing in MS PowerPoint, We had more than an hour of discussion and now I was much clear about what I am going to do and how our final project will look like. After this, I've to break down the problems into chunks so that I'll try to solve them one by one, After a lot of tries finally, I was able to do track an object in a 15cm2 area then I called Dr. Shashaanka at 3.30 A.M he was happy to see what I did, then I scaled our project into 1square feet area then experimented by drawing the matrix on board with pencils. Firstly, I have placed 5 sensors in L shape and was able to track the object then again I used a 1-inch object to evaluate whether it can track that object or not and I was able to achieve that also. Then Dr. Shashaanka told me about sensor optimization can we use 3 sensors or 4 sensors on each side and achieve the same result. So I tried using 3 sensors on each side and found out that it was not giving us correct value there were some dead zones, again after trying with 4 sensors on each side I was able to track the object.

I did lots of mistakes in code due to a lack of clarity. Once I was not getting correct value in the serial monitor after changing the code several times, at last, I found out that it was due to one of the sensor has been damaged, At one point I was frustrated but slowly and gradually I passed all those hurdles and was able to achieve our first goal.

I have also started working on the wearable project in which my task was to gather some data on the sensors used in wearable from research paper also checking whether these companies provide API for developer or not I did this successfully and submitted it.

At Researchime, I have the flexibility of choosing what I want to do and how much I want to explore.

Anup Sharma

Lead - Hardware engineer


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