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This week’s blog might be longer than my usual ones. A lot of things happened over the past few weeks. We finally did our first webinar! All the email campaigns and organic ad campaigns paid-off. We officially completed our company’s first webinar. Yes, I said it twice. Still can’t get the excitement down as I write. For a first time webinar, it went pretty well. The flow was good, nothing went haywire, the content was good and the reviews were the best.

A lot of things lead up to this webinar. From collecting data to sending email campaigns, creating ads, and banners. I did a lot of things that I never did before. I actually hosted the webinar. I Introduced our company and then our speaker, Dr. Shashaanka Ashilli. I haven’t spoken in front of people since 11th grade! I overcame my anxiety and fear of talking in public! Yes, I practiced speaking in front of my laptop and to friends and colleagues multiple times.

Last week was spent on sending reminders to people about the webinars. We also created a WhatsApp group where we added all the people so they could directly interact with us. That turned out to be a good idea. So I took care of social media marketing, email marketing, ad campaigns, managed everything related to the webinar. So this turned out to be an eventful last few weeks.

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