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Third Part of Anup's Journey

Believe it or not, internships aren’t only about learning the technical aspects of the project it is beyond that.

Moving forward with our goal I had a deep conversation with Yetihinder to implement the Sensor with Obstacles. We were muddling initially because we had a fewer amount of sensors in Yethinder’s side also some sensors were not working properly. After a lot of brain teasers between us finally Yethinder called me in triumph, I watched the video was overwhelmed to see dream come true. But we observed that when we used to delay for servo motor then our mapping function stops for that mentioned delay time.

The next challenge in front of me was writing a code for servo motor without using the Interrupt of Arduino. I tried searching for possible ways then I came to know there is a timer/counter inside the Arduino which can be used by my Millis function and this function returns the number of milliseconds passed since the Arduino board began running the current program. This number will overflow (go back to zero), after approximately 50 days. So I tried learning this from different online channels and tried writing the code for it but was not able to get the exact result. When I was exhausted, my friend told me about SimpleTimer Library which was developed by Marcello Romani, I used this library into our code with Boolean function and achieved the result.

The very next day early morning, I received more sensors from the courier and made the 2 Square feet mapping successfully.

Doing so much with sensors and microcontrollers on a wide range of topics helped me learn a lot of things I wouldn’t have considered learning myself. It also strengthened my understanding of the core concepts of electronics;

My experiences and takeaways from this internship were entirely different. Day to day I was able to do more on the quantity. I learned how to plan in advance and manage my time efficiently.

Anup Sharma

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