• Srabanti Chakrabarty

Third Part Of The Journey

Last month had its couple of ups and downs. From the suicide of an actor to a sudden increase in the number of cases of COVID 19 in my city. This all took a toll on my mental health and I had to take a sabbatical from work. I have been back to work for the last two weeks and I have never been this productive before. As 1st August is approaching I started to work on our campaigns for our First webinar on 'Transforming Ideas Into Ventures'. Working on this project was exhilarating. It feels so good to be back at work doing what you are passionate about. Reaching out to people and seeing your work producing results beyond your expectations is an amazing feeling and gives so much satisfaction.

I made ads, made decisions about the topic of our webinar, timings and all the little details. I will forever cherish the freedom I get here in making decisions. A huge part of learning digital marketing is to learn how to strategize. I have been part of making strategies to generate leads. over the last 3 months, I have learned a lot more than what any course can possibly teach me. I learned to trust myself, I learned to be confident. Slowly with time, I can see my imposter syndrome fading away making a path to a confident woman. Someone who can make her own decisions and won't feel like everything will go wrong. Because I am learning that making mistakes is fine but not doing something out of lack of confidence is worse.

Srabanti Chakrabarty

Lead- Marketing


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