Turning Your Ideas Into A Start-up

Ideas are something we find everywhere. Even small and insignificant events in your life can generate ideas in your mind.  But understanding which ideas will work and turning them into a million-dollar business is a mammoth task. Ideas can be worth million dollars only if it is translated well into action. 

What separates a successful business and failed ones is the vision and willingness to go the extra mile required to turn their idea into a valuable business. 

Join us for our webinar to learn how to translate your ideas into a start-up.

Date - 1st August 2020

Time - 6 PM

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Meet Our Speaker

Shashaanka Ashili is the Founder and CEO of SmartDrivinc.

He is the Interim CEO of CureScience and scientific advisor at Tekcapital plc. 

He has previously worked as a Research Scientist at Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University. And also as an innovation fellow at the department of surgery at the University of Missouri.

Shashaanka Ashili, PhD

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